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Hey all - I sent an email out to some friends and just realized that some of you may also be interested in this idea I have to help oust Bush.

My proposition is that we tell all our friends and family that instead of of giving us Christmas presents this years, we ask them to take the money that they would have spent on us and donate it to Kerry. Tell them instead of a traditional gift, they can go to the Kerry website and donate money, then print the page out after they've donated and sign at the bottom with a Christmas message.

The logic is that there is no better gift any of us can receive this year that would be beat having a new President. Let's all sacrafice the traditional materialism that we revel in this Christmas and ask our friends and family to just take the money they would have spent on us and give it to Kerry. More money for Kerry = much better chance of getting Bush OUT!!

If you need help constructing an appropriate email, or would like to post this proposition on your journal, you can look at my email behind this cut.

Dear friends,

There are only one-hundred days left until the election night. In hard terms, that is one hundred days until we find out if George W. Bush will serve another four long years.

There has not been a day that has passed in the last four years where I have neither been angered, melancholy, or just plain disappointed over the reckless policies of President Bush. His radical and destructive administration needs no retracing here; we are all unpleasantly too familiar with the damage he has done. For myself, George W. Bush does not just stand as a political antithesis, but also as the barrier to some rational policies that critically affect my future and family. I really have a lot personally riding on this election.

Likewise, I'm sure none of you have been taking this election lightly. Bush’s policies have already profoundly affected each of us in a very direct manner. We are at war, quite literally, with this man, and we need to ensure in every way possible that he doesn’t get another four years (as well as a bragging card which he can tout as a mandate). Can you imagine how much more radical Bush will be when he can hold it over your head that “the American people elected him for another term?”

So, as all of us have a vested interest in getting Bush out of office, I’m proposing the following: this year, instead of buying me a Christmas and birthday present, I would like to you to take whatever money you would have spent on me and donate it to the John Kerry for President campaign. Although I appreciate gifts from friends, there is nothing I would love more this year than a new President. If you had plans to get me anything, even a five-dollar trinket, I’d like for you to donate money to Kerry instead. As a replacement, I would like you to print out the page that appears after you donate money on the Kerry website. Please sign something nice on it and I’ll keep the page as both a memento and my gift for this year.

I know Christmas is still quite a time from here, as well as my birthday, but I would really like to sacrifice whatever you would have gotten me and have you donate the money right now. The earlier Kerry can build up his campaign funds, the more effective his strategists can be in building a solid strategy to oust Bush.

You can go to Kerry's donation page here.

If you happen to like the idea of giving up Christmas gifts to ensure a better chance of Kerry winning, feel free to take this letter and forward it to friends.

Keeping the faith,

Of course, you'll need to modify the above to fit yourself. Let me know if you decide to do this. Oh - and cross post this idea where you think it may be appropriate. Let's get Bush OUT!!
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