a tale of a bittersweet nightshade (velvet_doubts) wrote in anti_nader,
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check this out..........

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The link doesn't seem to work.
o thats crappp....ill try to fix it
Yup, now it works. :)


May 22 2004, 15:49:01 UTC 13 years ago

The assertion that Nader is a split vote is an uneducated one. If he had not run in 2000, Bush would have beaten Gore by 1% anyway. Studies have proven that the majority of Nader's supporters are people who would not have voted otherwise.

Advocators of human rights should see that Nader has every right to run; indeed, if people like you would quit spreading the fallacious crap about Nader being a wasted vote, he would have a palpable chance. You are doing more damage than good.

Ralph Nader is your country's only chance. Don't waste it.
ur anonymous so obviously ur opinion doesn't count, ur 2 afraid to even let ppl know who u are.

I do agree that Nader has the right to run, but I don't believe that it is the best move for the country right now.

That is ur opinion, that im doin more harm then good, and ur aloud to it, but Im not changing..so....don't like it don't read it or join it.
Thank you. Somone with common sense in this community.
eh i must say i see where you are coming from with this, but i love Nader since we are..or WERE from the same party (green) but to do this is kind of..er dont wanna sound stupid but its mean. i know voting for him is giving votes to Bush..but I think the "Later Nader" pins are a little much. Present the petition..thats enough.
i do agree that u have the right to ur own opinion, but im not goin to delete this journa/postl or anything. I created it for ppl w/common likes and dislikes, if u don't agree w/it then don't read it. and about the "later Nader" pins...yeah.....thats kinda random, I didn't mention them...so yeah...I guess u could be right, they may be 2 much.